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T T Movers

Moving Made Easy with our Extensive Repertoire of Experiences

We understand that moving is a chore, sometimes it might even be your worst nightmare. But coupled with over a decade of transportation and relocation experiences, and a well-equipped team of professionally trained and qualified movers, TT Movers will transform your hellish moving experiences into a walk in the park. 

Be it from furniture, equipment, to personal belongings, each item will be safely and securely packaged for the big move. With an unwavering commitment to serving our clients, we constantly focus on a customer-oriented approach to deliver tailored professional moving services. 

We take your valuable feedback very seriously, learning from each experience and improving with each move to better provide more efficient service to you and for you. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities.

Our Mission

  • To deliver highly personalised and seamless moving services that are optimised for our esteemed clients’ absolute convenience.

  • To foster everlasting working relationships with our clients.

Our Values


Being prompt and timely in responding, consulting, coordinating, to moving, is a life and time saver.


With more than a decade in the moving and transportation industry, our credibility is your assurance.


Our top quality and certified moving personnel are regularly trained and educated to maximise efficiency and to ensure services provided are unrivalled in quality and professionalism.


Offering competitive market rates to ensure affordability, and transparent and fair pricing for you. Not only are our services customised to your requirements, our pricing is likewise based on your specific needs so you will never need to fret about hidden costs!

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